About Inverness


A number of traditional Scottish events take place in Inverness annually, such as the Northern Meeting of the worlds prominent bagpipe players.

Perhaps the most well known event on the citys calendar, though, is the world famous Highland Games, which celebrates Scottish and Celtic culture features many traditional sports such as hammer throwing and caber tossing. Attracting entrants from across the globe, the Games have become the ultimate symbol of Scotland worldwide and are regularly frequented by various members of the Royal Family, who present medals and awards to the winners.

The city is home to many historic buildings, giving it a timeless atmosphere that draws millions of tourists every year.

Among the most striking of Inverness fine monuments is the imposing Inverness Castle, which lies perched atop a cliff overlooking the city. Built in the nineteenth century, the immaculate redbrick castle can be seen from anywhere in the city and, although the structure itself is not open to the public as it is used as the local Sheriff Court, the beautiful grounds are very popular with visitors.

The Gothic splendour of Inverness Cathedral is also well worth a visit, with its charming riverside location and unusual square-topped spires. Another of the citys important institutions is the administrative headquarters of the University of the Highlands and Islands based at Inverness College.

The street culture and nightlife of Inverness draw many visitors to the city, with a huge array of fine restaurants, coffee and tea shops and traditional Scottish pubs to choose from, not to mention several popular nightclubs.